11.Candice Gaukel Andrews, Environmental Writer and Nature Photographer

There are plenty of Wisconsin photos in my books, "Great Wisconsin Winter Weekends," "Beyond the Trees: Stories of Wisconsin Forests," and "Travel Wild Wisconsin." However, I'll work on getting some put up on my website here. Thank you for your comment!
9.Costas Cassios(non-registered)
Dear Candice ,

I liked very much your photographic skill and art . As an old graduate from the UW at Madison , please put at your blog some fresh photos from Madison area especially with my ...favor winter scenes!!.that will help to refresh my memories from there By being in Greece I have missed the Wisconsin scenery. However Greece will be probably a nice place for photos. So if you ever decide to come over ,I will be glad to guide you in the Greek National Parks and of course in the Greek Archipelago
8.Phillip Tureck(non-registered)
Dearest Candice,

You know that I really like your blogs, updates and articles but after spending time on your website I realise that apart from your writing what an incredible photographer of images you are.

I need to spend time with you and introduce you to the auto button so that the images look more like mine - NOT!

Great site and wonderful musings

4.Candice Gaukel Andrews, Environmental Writer and Nature Photographer
Thank you for getting the book, Joe. I hope you find it informative and fun to read!
3.Joe Steven White(non-registered)
Thank you for your Almanac--The Minnesota Almanac. I love reading about Minnesota. I am a Texan and grew up reading the Texas Almanac. I hope the Minnesota Almanac has a similar effect.
2.Candice Gaukel Andrews, Environmental Writer and Nature Photographer
Thank you for your kind words, Kelly!
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